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Zu Audio

Omen MK2

[due to lack of materials at Zu Audio, we are currently unable to accept pre-orders. Hopefully normal production will resume in August, but until further notice, our current stock is what we can offer – check colours and status via dropdown menu]

Splitting your cash between your lifestyle outside and your lifestyle inside just got a whole lot louder!

The Omen is the right speaker for the vast majority of music junkies looking for great sound reproduction without having to sell both their TV and bike to afford it.

The Omen is an impressive performer that delivers an exceptional musical experience. It’s super honest and genuine in its sound, with that naturally distinctive Zu sound. It can be described very well with the honesty and transparency that gives a kind of live-like sound that you simply don’t get with a traditional speaker. The Omen also has no crossover (Sean Casey, the founder describes them as “tone killers”), just a capacitor in the tweeter network. This means that you actually have direct coupling from the amplifier output stage and directly into the units. In this way, a speed and a dynamics are achieved that can in no way be compared to a traditional built speaker. It would be like comparing a Ferrari with a Peugeot. The impact, the speed, the precision and the driving pleasure are just on another level.

The Omen is also not picky when it comes to electronics or placement. There’s no need to spend oceans of time on adjustments- they sound formidable right out of the box and with a sensitivity of a whopping 97dB, it can be matched with virtually any amp.





Zu Audio – Omen MK2

Technical Specifications

Choose color

Dead Black Maple, Electric Blue Maple, Starlight

Frequency range

35 – 25 kHz


97 dB-SPL 1W, 1m


12 Ohm

Amplifier range

4 – 300 watt


915mm x 305mm x 305mm (HxWxD)


24 kg per speaker


In terms of the OMEN’s sound quality the best way to describe it is seamless. Those of you unfamiliar with full-range drivers should do yourselves a favor and hear one properly implemented in a loudspeaker such as the OMEN, for it is a thing of beauty

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Hometheater Review

After a week of breaking them in it became apparent they were a very special speaker. I ended up selling my main speakers which were Stereophile B-rated speakers featuring tweeter, midrange and three woofers in each tower.

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Bob Fifik

“They personally introduce you to the artist who is living, breathing, working and engaging you with their joy, sadness, anger, pride,love, hate and opinion intact. This is music so close, it is almost an exchange of inner secrets from the artist to you.”

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