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Rogue Audio


With the RP-9 preamplifier, Rogue Audio’s award-winning RP-X hardware and software platform is taken to a whole new level. From the outset, Rogue Audio’s overall design goal was to maintain near-perfect signal integrity along with low distortion and vanishingly low noise levels. The flagship RP-9’s innovative and proprietary circuitry is designed around the Russian military’s 6H30P tube in a balanced configuration that stretches the limits of modern preamplifier technology. The result translates into astonishing detail, smoothness and refinement that has effectively redefined the level to be expected from a reference-class preamplifier.

Included in the design is a home cinema bypass, processor loop, mono knob and an elegant easy-to-read OLED display. The included aluminium remote control with 10 buttons, helps to provide further ease of use. Also included is an absolutely stunning 2 watt tube-based headphone amplifier. Two pairs of XLR balanced inputs and three pairs of RCA line inputs, provide ample options for connecting a variety of sources, while two pairs of balanced outputs and two sets of RCA variable outputs provide a wide range of output options.

Rogue Audio’s driving design goal for the RP-9 was to set a whole new standard in tube preamplifier technology – they believe they have succeeded, and they have achieved their goal.


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Rogue Audio – RP-9

Technical Specifications

Frequency range

1Hz – 170KHz +/- 1 dB


4 x 6H30P



Gain line stage

14 dB (20dB XLR)

Headphone Amplifier

Yes – 2 watt tube based circuit


470mm x 115mm x 432mm (WxHxD)


approx. 13.6 kg


“I immediately shook my head in a positive way when I switched on the RP-9. I was amazed that the sound could be that much better than my RP-7, which I felt was wonderful.”

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