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Rogue Audio


With a perfect blend of a silky tube sound, an incredible level of detail and transparency, the new RP-7 redefines what a reference-level preamplifier can achieve.

The RP-7 is Rogue Audio’s first balanced preamp designed on the groundbreaking RP-X hardware and software platform, and every aspect of the RP-7 design is aimed at maintaining near-perfect signal integrity. In addition to the computer-optimized circuit topology, all capacitors, resistors and other critical parts are of ultra-high quality, ensuring the highest sonic integrity. The sophisticated electrical design is based on pure class A tube amplification with MOSFET output buffer, to provide enormous potential along with super low output impedance.

In addition to the excellent sound, the RP-7 provides all the features required of a high-end preamplifier. Included are a home theater bypass, processor loop, mono knob, slow start circuit and a variety of other features. Two pairs of XLR-balanced inputs and three pairs of RCA line inputs provide ample options for connecting multiple sources, while two pairs of XLR-balanced outputs along with two pairs of RCA variable outputs enable a wide range of outputs. Also included is a high power tube-based headphone amplifier capable of driving even the most difficult headphones.

The attractive industrial design includes an easy-to-read OLED display that further enhances the preamp’s elegant appearance. The display provides all relevant information in large easy-to-read blue-tinted characters. The ultra-high quality tactile buttons and knobs further add to the RP-7’s exclusive feel.


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Rogue Audio – RP-7

Technical Specifications

Frequency range

1Hz – 100KHz +/- 1 dB


4 x 12AU7/ECC82



Gain line stage

14 dB (20dB XLR)

Headphone Amplifier

Yes – tube-based circuit


470mm x 115mm x 430mm (W x H x D)


approx. 13.4 kg


Much more than merely a “signature” edition, the Rogue Audio RP-7 represents a significant upgrade over the excellent RP-5, ascending to an entirely different class

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the abso!ute sound

Reproducing this in a high-end stereo system that contains the RP-7 makes “Gypsy Eyes” sound even cooler, mostly because this tube preamp is reproducing the sound as it was meant to be heard

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Enjoy the Music

It was dynamic. It delivered exceptional transparency along with extraordinary weight and body. It played with a relaxed, organic tone enhanced by only the slightest touch of burnished tube glow

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Herb – Stereophile