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Rogue Audio


The RP-5 is Rogue Audio’s first preamplifier based on the groundbreaking new RP-X platform. Silky smooth, yet exceptionally high-tech. The RP-5 sets a new standard for performance and functionality. Using four 12AU7 tubes in a mu-follower configuration and the computer-optimized circuitry, the RP-5 boasts unmatched sound quality and superb specifications.

The RP-5 offers much more than just excellent sound quality, with numerous features to further enhance the listening experience. The built-in MM/MC-Riaa has adjustable user settings that range from 40 to 60 dB. A wide range of load options means your favourite pickup can be configured to perform at its very best. A tube-based headphone circuit offers smooth and detailed sound for your personal audio sessions. The included remote control provides easy access to volume, balance, input select, mute, mono, and on/off from your listening position.

The RP-5’s sleek appearance is enhanced by an easy-to-read VFD display that shows volume, balance, and source information in large, easy-to-read characters.


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Rogue Audio – RP-5

Technical Specifications

Frequency range

1Hz – 100KHz +/- 1 dB


4 x 12AU7/ECC82



Gain phono stage

40dB, 50dB, 55dB, 60dB

RIAA accuracy

+/- 0.1dB


470mm x 115mm x 430mm (W x H x D)


approx. 13.4 kg


The preamp had an inner resolving power that established a sense of dimension and space so specific to each image that I was almost able to isolate each player visually, as if I were attending a live concert.

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the abso!ute sound

“The RP-5 relays the finesse of “Stairway To Heaven” as well as $10,000 preamps I have auditioned. It is just musically right right with no omissions, or tonal additives that spoil the music’s essence.”

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Everything Audio Network

Rogue Audio’s RP-5 surprised me. I found it a fundamentally neutral and wonderfully musical preamplifier that would easily be at home in an all-tube system.

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SoundStage! ULTRA