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Graham Slee

Era Gold V

The ‘Miraculous’ Era Gold V – Still Going Strong

Where Graham Slee’s legendary Gram Amp amps let up on musical subtlety, the Era Gold V takes it a step further and gives your vinyl collection even greater depth and height.

In fact, it was said that the Era Gold V was so good that some retailers hid them out of sight in fear of their moving coil sales. What it did for the music really came to light when Michael Fremer (US stereophile magazine), as well as Geoff Husband (TNT) reviewed it, to their huge delight.

Standard ‘green’ vs. PSU1 power supply:

The PSU1 offers even lower noise levels, as well as an audible difference in sound quality overall. More quiet, greater openness and detailed soundstage.




Graham Slee – Era Gold V (MM)

Technical Specifications

Input område

2mV to 10mV

Output område

252mV to 1,260mV (1.26V) for input above


42dB (126) at 1kHz

Max input level

39mV rms

Input impedances

47k Ohm plus 100pf

THD + støj



107mm x 50mm x 180mm (WxHxD)


I recommend the GSP Audio Era Gold V as enthusiastically, if not more so, as I’ve recommended any product I’ve reviewed and recommended in all the years I’ve been doing this

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But here I’ve listed the runners and riders, added the caveat “in my system and room” and finally “to my ears”, so here goes. The Era Gold + Elevator EXP is the best phono combination for MC’s I’ve ever heard – period…

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TNT Audio

After about 3 weeks of burn-in I finally got to use my new Era Gold. The first album I listened to was Muddy Waters, Folk Singer and my first response was WOW! He was right there in the room with me

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