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BEAST! 100 watts per channel in Class AB Ultra-linear mode, and 55 watts per channel in Triode mode, in a push pull amplifier design. All tubes used are Tung-Sol brand, of which the output tubes include KT150. The sound characteristics are markedly different compared to the other CS models. Even though the CS-150A is a muscular beast with oceans of power, it also manages to give you the romance, the calm and the warmth, which create an absolutely formidable detail when the music is to be enjoyed to the full. On the back of the amplifier are two regular RCA inputs, one XLR input, as well as one RCA pre-in, which allows you to use the CS-150A with another preamplifier and thus use it as a power amplifier. Further, of course, are the speaker terminals that support outputs for both 4Ω and 8Ω, so you can better match your speakers with the amplifier. The super fine internal point-to-point cabling connects the entire signal path. It also supports “soft-start” circuitry that helps protect the amplifier, and its sensitive components, so that lifetime is significantly extended. Manual Bias adjustment is via the VU meter on the top plate itself, and is super simple and easy to set. Included, of course, is a super sleek aluminum remote.


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Cayin – CS-150A

Technical Specifications

Power output

55W+55W (Triode)
100W+100W (Ultra-linear)


XLR, Line 1, Line 2, Pre-In

S/N Ratio


Power usage



420mm × 218mm × 389mm(W×H×D)


34 kg


Numerous parameters of the amplifier’s circuitry can be adjusted
The CS-150A delivers 2 x 100 watts in ultra-linear mode, and in triode mode it still delivers 2×55 watts – a remarkable amount for a tube amp.

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Stereo Magazine

That Cayin CS-150A also works perfectly fine on regular evenings ‘without solitude’, but it sounds better that way, doesn’t it?  With a lot of knowledge there is a lot of quality – and thus a very nice sound – to get out of those tubes.

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Cayin CS-150A, an integrated amplifier based on tube technology is to be made available, whereby the Cayin CS-150A is to express its extraordinary quality standards not only with its fine tube equipment but also with its noble appearance.

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