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About Blue Cat Audio

Blue Cat Audio was founded in 2017 by two music-loving boys with a huge passion for Hi-Fi. Even before the foundation, there was a lot of knowledge about Zu Audio, which also became the first exclusive brand in the program and the brand Blue Cat Audio was to be built around.

Since the start in 2017 with Zu Audio, we have gone through an amazing development. Today, we stand with eight exclusive hand-picked brands (and more to come), each producing unique characteristics that, when paired together, provide musical experiences you won’t get anywhere else. WE’RE PROUD OF THAT!

Most importantly to us- HONOR! We are incredibly straightforward and tell it like it is. In the same way, we want the music to be that to us. It should be close, it should be real, it should be live, it should be captivating and intense. That’s exactly what our products feel like. It’s Hi-Fi at its best!

It’s also important for us to point out that we’re not just a webshop. We have a great cosy showroom where we have a really large selection of products from our different brands, which you are always welcome to come by and see and listen to as you wish.

Come and take a look!

The faces behind Blue Cat Audio

Kennet Petersen

It’s never easy to write about yourself, so this text is still waiting to be written.

Daniel Rand

32 years old, raised in a family where there has always been a lot of loud music. From there, country music has made its mark, not to mention names like Dire Straits, Roxette, CCR, The Wimps, etc. All the good old stuff! I know it’s dangerous to say, but I just can’t stand Pink Floyd and Diana Krall. Actually, in general, all this rather boring classic hi-fi demo music you always hear around at fairs. I just don’t get it.

Besides, I’m the type who calls a spade a spade. Nothing gets wrapped up, which I personally think is important for the best advice. Perfect advice comes with honesty and you get that from here with 100% certainty!



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