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TEDDY takes over Scandinavia

Audio GE – Teddy next to exclusive Steinway piano
Dear all!

Say hello to TEDDY and his companions! We welcome Audio GE across Scandinavia, which will be our first addition of speakers since we started the business with Zu Audio back in 2017. It has definitely not been an easy hunt when you want to offer speakers in the price range where everyone can join, while the build quality and especially the sound quality should be there as well. The goal hasn’t been to find something that sounds Zu-like, because that doesn’t exist, but the goal has been to find a speaker brand that can give us that same urge and desire to listen to music because it’s cool and fun, without any pinky swearing, the way we feel with Zu. Audio GE does that!!

You might as well prepare for a trip in the time machine back to the 80s/90s. The good old delicious sound with punch, power and dynamics is not to be missed and the design reminds you of something you might remember back then. The wood colours are taking over living rooms again because it creates a contrast to the classic black and white Scandinavian interior, which can get a bit boring, cold and sterile. YES THANK YOU! Wood colours are great, and even better, the price of Audio GE speakers doesn’t change because you choose a different finish. Always the same price!

Audio GE’s newest speaker TEDDY, has really put Audio GE on the world map. It is being praised to the skies and especially with the thought of the price. REMEMBER! There is no art to building extremely good sound on an extremely large budget, there is just the art of being able to build extremely good sound on a relatively modest budget. That’s the answer to TEDDY!

For info:
We currently have. TEDDY and Rautilio 80 in demo, in case you want to see and listen. As mentioned, all Audio GE speakers are available in a multitude of different wood colors, and all wood colors can be viewed via the link on the speakers’ product page- CLICK HERE!

Go take a look at them, and if there are any questions, catch us via LiveChat or on the regular by phone or email.

See you!!



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