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Three new models in the CS series

Cayin – CS-300A

Dear all,

There is news from Cayin. Three new models in their CS series, consisting of two new integrated stereo tube amplifiers, as well as their first and long awaited RIAA preamp, for connecting turntables. The latter we have been particularly excited about, as Cayin have not previously had a separate RIAA in their range and it looks extremely promising.

Cayin continue their unique and super nice amp design for these three new amps, so they match all their other amps in the CS series.

The models are as follows:

An integrated stereo tube amplifier, single-ended pure class A with an output of 8 watts per channel. The power tubes are the extremely popular 300B tubes, which have a unique way of producing detail, calmness and presence, as well as a soft, round and rich bass. For more info and specifications- CLICK HERE

Yet another integrated stereo tube amplifier, single-ended pure class A, but now with an impressive output of a whopping 50 watts per channel. That’s a doubling in output power versus the CS-845A. Where the new CS-300A uses 300B tubes as power tubes, the 300B tubes in this model are used for the preamp section. There is certainly no compromise on quality and the overall weight alone of 38kg, says something about it being built like a tank, providing oceans of excess and musicality. For further info and specifications- CLICK HERE

Cayin’s first separate RIAA tube preamp for turntables. A product we definitely saw as a missing product in their lineup. Finally it’s here, and it simply has EVERYTHING you’re looking for in a RIAA preamp. It supports both MM and MC pickups, has all the necessary adjustments on the front, has both regular and MC pickups. RCA (unbalanced) as well as XLR (balanced) outputs and last but not least, it’s of course with tubes when we’re talking Cayin, so your vinyls will get the most delicious warm crisp sound that can only be achieved with tubes. Buy your last RIAA preamp and you’ll never have to worry about switching again! For more info and specs- CLICK HERE

Amazing enjoys from Cayin! Click in and take a look at them. If questions, catch us lightning fast on LiveChat, or catch us on regular by email or phone.

See you!






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